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Brijrama Palace Varanasi

The Brij Experience

At Brijrama Palace, our guests are just not travellers; they are “Our Royal Guests”. The services designed and offered are sure to elevate your expectations of a hotel. The Palace hotel is located at the Darbanga Ghat, but the Brijrama experience starts at Bhisasur ghaat where our guests are greeted and escorted to the Bajra (a traditional indian wooden boat) which takes them to the hotel, while, they enjoy the ride and soak in the enchanting history and beauty of Varanasi and the famous Ghats in particular. You will be delighted with our hospitality and services which are tailored to perfection.

The magical ambiance at the hotel will definitely leave you spellbound. You can spot plenty of original artworks from the 18th century gracing the walls and pillars of the hotel. The interior are crammed with beautiful antiques and exudes sumptuous serenity. The Palace aura will definitely hold your senses, and will compel you to soak in its beauty and get intrigued by the Palace history, beautiful traditional architecture, musical mornings and evenings, spectacular view of the Ganges and the Ghats, exclusive dining experience.

The hotel offers many surprises to its guests during the check out too! So, when you head for your next destination, the lingering aura of magic and romance of Varanasi remains to cherish.